Thank you for your expertise in guiding my purchase. I have just returned from traveling for two weeks of riding or driving. One day was a 12-hour drive. Truthfully I suffered no sciatica or aching pain due to the Sacro Ease seat. This is the first time since my fall on the icy sidewalk back in 96 that I can comfortably ride in the car.

Trudy N.

We have had a Sacro Ease now for about 15 years and can't imagine life without one. Our first one was used and lasted a full 15 years. We are now purchasing a new one!

Judy B.

Just test-sat on my new Sacro Ease fancy model. When I first received it, I thought it would be too wide to fit in movie seats, etc, but it is perfect. I left the theatre after a 120 minute movie WITHOUT a pain. That has not happened in many years. Thank you for your fine products!

Dr. Elliot L.

Wow. Now I am like my patients, don't want to give it up. Your seats have been a life or back saver for my patients. I just bought a new car and there is now way I could sit in the seat without the Sacro Ease!

John H. D. O.

The seat inset arrived safely last Thursday - very quick. I am really delighted with it - all my sciatic pain has disappeared already. It has been like a miracle!! The seat fits my small car well and I'm also using it in a recliner lounge chair at home - two for one. Thank you so much for your fast and efficient service and of course your wonderful products!


A few years ago I bought a new Audi. I loved the car but noticed that after driving for a little longer than the test drive I would get severe lower back pain. The pain would only happen when driving and found it so severe that I almost got rid of the car within a month of getting it. That would have been very costly! Fortunately I found the Sacro Ease Keri Back. This product saved my car, my money and my back. As soon as I started using the Keri Back my pain disappeared. Thanks so much.

Todd S.

10 years ago I drove from Wisconsin to Phoenix - 2100 miles with a Sacro Ease in my seat. I had not 1oz of back pain the entire time. I was able to get in and out of the car with ease. On the return trip I had the same experience. I am thankful that you are still in business!

Rod R.

Brookfield, WI

My story begins with a severe cervical spine injury six years ago. After a year in recovery I looked forward to returning to Sunday Bible Study and Worship Services. The problem was that I could not last the two hours. Dave at Relax the Back Store in Estero introduced me to your seat and immediately my problem was solved. Thanks for the thought and care you have designed into your wonderful seat!


Estero, FL

I have been a police officer for 13 years. I have spent the vast majority of it seated behind the wheel of a Crown Vic. I began experiencing back pain approximately 3 years into my career. My back got progressively worse and worse until I sumbled across your ad in a law enforcement magazine. I purchased one of your Sam Browne Lumbar Supports and could not be happier with it. I had previously tried everything, pillows etc. but nothing would hold up much less solve my back problems. When I first used your product, it relaxed my back muscles to such a degree that I almost fell asleep! Not only is your product effective and well-designed, it's the only game in town that I know of. EVERY COP NEEDS TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR WONDERFUL PRODUCT.

Officer Name Withheld

Just wanted you to know that I love my back chair. I have only used it a few days, but it has really made a difference. My back feels so much better at the end of the day.

Ginnie M.

I drive a bus for a living and have used Sacro Ease for at least 10 years. I had to return one for some warranty work and found that I cannot drive for even 1 day without it. The pain came back in that first day. Thanks McCarty's Sacro Ease for making such a wonderful product!

Steve M.

A Genuine Solution - Suffering chronic lower back pain for over 20 years, sitting comfortably in any easy chair/recliner has been a challenge. The inevitable 'sinking' into the cushion has caused strain, no matter how firm the cushion. I have looked at expensive orthopedic furniture, even considered having a custom mold made. More often, I have had to end up 'relaxing' on a dining room chair because of it's firmness. In researching solutions recently, I(fortunately) happened upon Sacro Ease. It has provided a real- and affordabe-solution. The firmly constructed metal frame provides evenly displaced support for both my seat and back, consequently alleviating the stress of sinking into the chair. The 'cushy' memory foam makes it comfortable and the attached lumbar cushion does it's job too. The SacroEase fits perfectly onto my recliner and the fabric happens to match the color of the leather, so it is asthetically appealing as well.

Marc G.

I have a severe low back problem and own a 2011 Prius with no lumbar support. With the Sacro Ease that has been custom fitted to me by Relax the Back I can drive in comfort and at any price this product is worth it's weight in GOLD!

Robert P.

Thanks for a great quality product and making it in the USA!

Matt R.

I started using your 'Sacroease car seat' about 15 years ago. After using it for one month, I no longer needed chiropractic adjustments for my L4 vertebrae. It changed my life and my relationship with all cars since I would take my seat with me to other cars. I wore out that seat and I have just purchased 2 new ones. When people comment that it is expensive, I tell them to calculate medical costs and also, what price does one place on their physical comfort. Thank you everyone at Sacroease. You make a difference in this world.

Mark M.


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