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Peach Blossom, Peach Pillow

Peach Blossom, Peach Pillow

“Peach Pillow” & “Peach Blossom” both have the feel of a normal pillow as the foam is wrapped with holofil – like what is in the inside of your quilt. The foam rolls offer 2 densities and 2 sizes. Use the soft side on the small or the large rolls or simply flip it over and use the firmer side. Made to give your neck the support that it needs. The Blossom has an added layer of memory foam wrapped around the center cores and another layer of holofil.


  • Provides orthopedic neck support
  • Feels like an everyday pillow
  • Foam has 2 different sized rolls
  • Foam has 2 different densities for maximum comfort on any given night
  • Two pillow cases - one is removable for laundering


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