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Komfort Kush

Komfort Kush

A perfectly shaped wedge with a cutout in the tailbone area – the 3″ to 1″ wedge lifts your hips up so you are not sitting with your knees far above your hips. The cutout relieves the pressure in your tailbone area and spine. Constructed with high density poly foam.

Product Description

Gets your hips out of the hole in your seat and allows your spine to be relieved of pressure from a normal cushion.  It is a 3 to 1 wedge with a cutout in the tailbone area.  The width is 15″ and the length is 14″.


Black, Blue, Brown, Grey, Light Brown


  • 3" to 1" poly foam wedge made for a quick fix for any seating situation that you need to take the pressure off your back
  • The shape tilts your pelvis slightly forward to restore the spine's natural lumber curve.
  • The cutout section of the cushion virtually eliminates the pressure on your tailbone and spine.
  • Ultra-suede cover is removable for easy cleanup.
  • Non-slip bottom and a carrying handle make it easy to transport.


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