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Fits most all auto and truck bucket and bench-style seats. The Models BRCTW, BRSCMTW and BRNCTW are the full memory foam back and bottom wedge units. Lifts your hips out of the dip in the back of the auto seat bottom. McCarty’s Sacro-Ease has become a fixture in the world as one of the most effective back supports available today.

Product Description

The wedge shape levels out the seat pan bringing your hips and knees to a neutral seating position, taking pressure off your spine and hips.


BRNCTW (12"), BRSCMTW (15"), BRCTW (19")


12", 15", 19"


Black, Blue, Brown, Charcoal, Grey, Light Brown, Red


  • Available in: 19" - (BRCTW), 15" - (BRSCMTW) and 12" - (BRNCTW)
  • 3" to 1" Wedge bottom - 1"Memory Foam in seat back and 1" Memory Foam over poly foam base in the seat.
  • Individuals may benefit from Memory foam if they have pressure points, or pressure from sitting.
  • Fits most all auto and truck bucket and bench-style seats.
  • Made with an adjustable (bendable) steel frame, rubber strap supports, and soft fabric
  • Foldable and easy to transport.
  • "Rebuilds" those seats that are simply too soft or unsupportive.
  • Has proven to be excellent for autos, airplanes, bus seats, chairs, and sofas.
  • Durable non skid bottom.


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