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The Model BRSNCRX is the deluxe model with a cutout. Specially designed for most narrow backed bucket seats and those who have tailbone or coccyx issues. Conceived more than 70 years ago, the McCarty’s Sacro-Ease has become a fixture in the world as one of the most effective back supports available today.

Product Description

Simply one of the most effective ways to “rebuild” an unsupportive seat or chair, these basic Sacro-Ease models are rated among the best. Used daily by truck and taxi drivers, on buses, airplanes, boats, or just driving anywhere, the McCarty’s Sacro-Ease works


Black, Blue, Brown, Charcoal, Grey, Light Brown, Red


  • Made with an adjustable (bendable) steel frame, rubber strap supports, 1" poly foam in seat with cutout, no foam in back, comes with adjustable lumbar pad.
  • Fills into the bucket seats that have deep pockets, gives lumbar and pelvic support
  • Fits in very narrow backed bucket seats
  • Back is 12" wide and the bottom is 15" wide
  • Foldable and easy to transport
  • "Rebuilds" those seats that are simply too soft or unsupportive.
  • Durable nonskid bottom


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